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Our Team

Assoc. Prof. Ctirad Hofr, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

I like to learn which, how, and why biomolecules interact… My research focus is quantitative description of essential functions of biomolecules using quantitative approaches of molecular biophysics.
I have stayed at Rutgers University, Rockefeller University and Colorado University in Boulder, USA, where I collaborated on research with the Nobel prize laureate who has discovered ribozym and about whom I learnt at school :)

Achievements and Awards

  • Scholarship of King Rudolf II
  • Best young investigator of the Institute of Biophysics
  • My students obtained prestigious awards of Masaryk University and Brno Ph.D. Talent

M.Sc. Ivona Nečasová, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

II like to measure heat of molecule attractions and evaluate shapes of binding curves. In the centre of my interest are DNA interactions with proteins that I can express not only from bacteria but also from insect cells.
I have been to conferences in Bologna (Italy), Brussels (Belgium), Cold Spring Harbor in New York (USA), Marseilles (France).

Achievements and Awards

  • The best and most favoured student of our department for seven years in raw (if you know the right people)
  • Publication of our results at prestigious scientific conferences and journals papers

Ing. Tomáš Janovič

Graduate Student

I have always been fascinated by imaging systems and image processing. Therefore advanced microscopy techniques became my favorite tool for studying protein-protein interactions. Every time I look through the lens of microscope and the experiment turns out to be successful, the most rewarding thing is to see the colorful result with my own eyes.

Achievements and Awards

  • CEITEC Ph.D. program student
  • 2014 EEICT student award in the category - Signal Imaging at Brno University of Technology

M. Sc. Martin Stojaspal

Graduate Student

I like chemiluminiscence because after using it I can see “good“ results of my all day work…
The most of all, I like our team, which is full of nice people, including me
Major: Biochemistry
I am proud of finishing my bachelor's degree, and so far successfully continuing master studies…




M. Sc. Pavel Veverka

Graduate Student159911599


I like to solve protein-DNA interactions with advanced NMR methods.
Major: Biophysics
I am proud that I can make E.coli to prepare human proteins.


Bc. Klára Schichelová

Undergraduate Student

Major: Biochemistry
Hi everybody, I just wanna study... Interactions non-specific, my research should be dramatic. If I wanna go to the end, I should be with proteins friend and I come with them hand to hand.
I will be protein's mummy, I promise - my proteins will never be "samy" (in enghlish "alone").

By the way, I'm Claire and I'm always fair ;-)

I am proud of being the Champion of the Czech Republic in dancing.

Bc. Denisa Horáková

Undergraduate Student

Major: Biochemistry
I'm confused. Why is research called RE-SEARCH? It should be called SEARCH. If it's RE-SEARCH it means it's been done before. So, I am a searcher for telomeric protein interactions :)


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